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Dave Kilminster


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Dave Kilminster - Guitarist - UK

Guitar Virtuoso Dave Kilminster's radical techniques and mesmerizing sounds captivate fans and fellow musicians alike. Dave was named Guitarist Magazine's 1991 Guitarist of the Year.

That recognition propelled him on a super-charged career as a multi-faceted guitarist, vocalist, engineer, producer, writer and instructor. Credited by keyboard legend Keith Emerson for inspiring him to go on the road again, Dave is a familiar figure worldwide to fans of progressive rock. Dave continued to play, collaborate and tour with Emerson through the first half of 2006.

The past two years Dave was on the road with Roger Waters as lead guitarist and vocalist in the extraordinary global staging of Dark Side of the Moon. Fans know Dave from his work along side rock luminaries John Wetton, Carl Palmer, Ken Hensley, and John Young, among others. Dave was a founding member of Qango, the band that featured Wetton, Palmer and Young and which introduced him to Emerson. Before helping form the Keith Emerson Band, Kilminster joined Emerson in a highly regarded reunion of Emerson's The Nice. The reunion resulted in the live recording Vivacitas and launched the the Keith Emerson Band.

2008 sees Dave return to collaborate with John Wetton with the Wetton-Downes' iCon Project, which begins recording its third album in 4Q 2008 and touring in 2009.

Dave also has begun a unique collaboration with vocalist Murray Hockridge, whose soulful voice has been compared to Prince, Sting, and Stevie Wonder and spans three octaves. Their unique blend of vocals and guitars has been dubbed "Acoustic Soul" but is truly indescribable.

Fans and critics agree that Dave's work is in a class by itself, encompassing technical mastery and enormous power. A favorite because of his likeable enthusiasm and unmatched on stage energy, Dave wins rave reviews from fellow musicians. Dave's unusual and unexpected techniques add new dimensions to their work.

Critics also agree that Kilminster is one of the most extraordinary talents to emerge from the UK. Dave is sought after as a collaborator, band member and solo performer. "He is the best guitarist since Hendrix," enthuses Qango member John Young, adding that Kilminster's technical proficiency seems effortless.

All management enquires should be directed to Mr. Martin Darvill. Reach Martin at qedg@live.co.uk. All press enquiries and tour information requests should be directed to DaveKTourInfo@aol.com. You may also call [US number] 1.347.678.1760.


Dave Kilminster

- Guitarist -



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