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Giovanni Floris - Journalist - Italy



Giovanni Floris was born in Rome in 1967. A journalist since 1995, he trained at the Television School of Journalism of Perugia. He wrote articles for national newspapers such as il Messaggero and worked as a journalist at national press agency AGI before being employed at public broadcasting corporation RAI’s radio main news journal GR Radio RAI. At RAI radio, he covered domestic and international economy, foreign policy and current affairs. He also hosted some of the network’s most popular daily current affairs programs: "Baobab" and "Radioanch'io".

He worked as international correspondent for Radio RAI, covering crucial economic events such as the plunge of the Asian stock markets and the advent of the Euro, travelling extensively through Asia and Europe. In 2000, he won one of the country’s most prestigious journalistic prizes, the "Saint Vincent Prize".

In 2001 he was appointed RAI correspondent in New York after distinguishing himself with his coverage in the USA of the September 11 attacks and their aftermath. In 2002, the head of RAI Tre television Paolo Ruffini called him back to Italy host a new current affairs program the network was going to launch. The program has since become one of Italy’s most viewed and highly-rated current affairs programs with an average audience share of 16 % and some 4.5-5 million viewers and a regular presence of ministers and top business leaders.

Floris has written six, successful books, the latest two of which are “Mal di Merito” and “La Fabbrica degli Ignoranti”, published by Rizzoli Rcs. He teaches “Television Communication” at Teramo University and has won many journalistic prizes including:

Journalistic Prize UNAR (2008), Premio Speciale Euromediterraneo 2008 for information culture and relations between Mediterranean countries, Premio OSCAR TV (2008), Premio Vincenzo Padula (2007) Premio Cimitile 2007 for "Risiko", best current-affairs work, Premio Elsa Morante (2006) for communication achievements; Premio Margutta (2006) for best television journalist; Orient Express (2006) literary prize for his book “Monopoli”; Premio Cardarelli (2006) for excellency in radio-television journalism; National prize Mondo del Lavoro, as opinion leader 2005; Premio Guidarello (2005); the ational prize for civil society commitment "Marcello Torre" (2005); Premio Fregene (2004); Premiolino (2004); Prize Mediawatch as best presenter (2004); Premio S. Marinella (2004); Telegatto (2003); Premio Flaiano (2003); Premio Penne Pulite (2003); Premio Gino Gullace (2003); St. Vincent (2000); Ceis Q8 best economic journalist (1999).


Giovanni Floris



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